What brings us together also sets us apart.

We’re a company of individuals with different perspectives and unique ambitions. But we share strong values, a common purpose and a bold commitment to do the right thing.

To us, doing what’s right means helping our employees, retail partners, cardholders, shareholders and communities achieve their unique ambitions.

Our culture differentiates us from other companies. It guides us, shapes us, inspires us and unites us. No matter what our background or experience, no matter where we sit or what we do, our culture gives us something in common.

16,000+ personalities. One passion.

Our culture is represented in our purpose and values, which are woven through everything we do, every single day. Sure, we come to work to pursue our careers and make money—but we also come to make a difference.

I’m working forward to…

Enhancing employees' experience and their careers

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I’m working forward to…

Realizing my true potential.

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I’m working forward to…

Investing in myself and my career through endless opportunities.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to build a future where every ambition is within reach. Our mission is to create financial and technology solutions to move our customers and partners forward.


You can always be yourself at Synchrony.

We wouldn’t want you any other way.  We celebrate the diversity of our people, skills and ideas. And believe that the sum of our individual differences is one of our greatest competitive advantages.

True diversity is more than talk. It’s connecting, coming together and turning ideals into action. We’re committed to inclusion – with programs built on honest interaction and collaboration. Together, we build bridges that help us all work better.

Working forward together

Our Diversity & Inclusion Networks are close-knit groups formed around common interests and ambitions. You don’t need to be a woman to join the Women’s Network. Nor speak Spanish to be in the Hispanic Network.  All you have to do is extend a helping hand–and become a supporting member of a network of your colleagues. 

Sharing what you know

When you join a Network, bring your ideas, contribute your unique perspectives, and see those grow into 900+ events a year for the entire Synchrony team. Together we show why Synchrony is an employer of choice for people who value what makes each of us, us. 

Expanding what you can become

Through our networks, you have a hands-on place to develop your leadership skills. A supportive place to realize your potential —providing a great platform for recruiting, professional development and networking opportunities.

People with Disabilities Network+

PDN+ provides an inclusive environment where people with disabilities, their families and allies can connect and thrive. Our vision is to inspire all of our employees, their families and our communities.
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Veterans Network+

VN+ is dedicated to attracting veterans and military spouses to Synchrony and enhancing their growth and retention through professional and personal development, career management, mentoring and networking. Our vision is to make Synchrony an employer of choice and a source of inspiration and pride for ALL who have served in the armed forces and those who support them.
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African American Network+

AAN+ focuses on professional development, career management and mentoring to enhance retention and growth. AAN also works to strengthen bonds between Synchrony and local African American communities.

Asian Professional Engagement Network+

APEN+ aims to attract, retain and grow diverse talent. We strive to help our members accelerate their careers through opportunities to network and gain exposure, and by offering an environment to make lasting bonds and leverage the strength of their ethnic identities.

Hispanic Network+

HN+ helps Hispanic talent across the organization to engage and further grow their careers with Synchrony. Our vision is to make Synchrony the employer of choice for Hispanic professionals within the financial services industry.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ Network

LGBT+ ensures workplace equality by promoting an environment of acknowledgement, dignity and respect for all LGBTQ+ employees in order to attract, develop and retain LGBTQ+ employees.

Women’s Network+

WN+ empowers women to learn, grow and succeed. We foster curiosity, collaboration and networking across all levels and functions of the company. We provide a forum to exercise diverse thought, develop process and leadership skills, and foster learning that contributes to personal and professional development.

Inclusive of all individual characteristics, we want our employees to feel Synchrony offers a safe and respectful workplace where they can grow and succeed. We're proud to have an award-winning culture, see all of our workplace awards here.

Corporate citizenship

We’re working forward to helping our communities.

Some people work forward to buying groceries.  Or having a roof over their heads. Or knowing their children are safe. They’re working hard to achieve what we sometimes take for granted. Volunteering connects us to our communities, improves the world for everyone and puts our own ambitions in perspective.

Every year, we spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars to improve the communities where we live and work. We match our team’s charitable gifts and provide support for United Way campaigns. We’ve also created a new philanthropic program, Families That Work, that focuses on providing basic needs for today’s working families—housing for the homeless, childcare for parents who need a safe place for their children while they work and economic security for families who need to stabilize their income.

Together, we share our skills, our strength and our hearts to help our neighbors achieve their unique ambitions—especially when they’re as important as putting food on the table.

Career Development

We have a mutual interest: your career.

You and Synchrony have something important in common: we’re both completely invested in your success. Development is more than a talking point for us. It’s a matter of pride and a pillar of our business.

Our philosophy differs from other companies, and it may take some getting used to. Because instead of chasing roles, we want you to chase experiences. We grow your resume, but we also nurture your confidence. And while we definitely develop your skills, we also expand your wisdom and leadership.

It’s called our Career Growth Framework. And we think it’s the best way to achieve your ambitions.

Learning & Development

Experience starts here.

Our training isn’t about stuffing a bunch of facts and processes into your brain and quizzing you on them. Instead, we focus on developing how you think, collaborate and lead.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center develops skillsets through classroom, online, multimedia and other channels. The Center also features tools and resources from our partnerships with Harvard Business and Prior Learning Solutions.

Leadership Learning

Learning at Synchrony is dedicated to providing first-class training experiences that are both practical and enriching.  Courses combine the art and science of learning to provide unique leadership education.  Our courses are experience-based, highly engaging, and tied to real world situations.  Participants can apply the lessons they learn in the classroom in both their work and personal lives.

The STEP Program

The Skills Training for Evolving Professionals (STEP) Program is a flexible system designed to develop key talent. It builds core competencies in time management, coaching and process improvement while developing knowledge through self-paced coursework, job shadowing, rotation assignments and mentoring.


Our Business Leadership Program is a two-year, three-rotation program for recent graduates in one of ten functional tracks. It nurtures potential Synchrony leaders by building expertise through functional, customer and community experiences.

Learn more about this program


Your goals are our goals.

Whether you join us to advance your career, save money, join a team or have the flexibility to do all of the above, we want to make it very, very worth your while. We offer a benefits program carefully designed to meet the unique needs of you and your family.

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