Synchrony Sheroes are women we admire for making a difference. That difference could be in their community, career or home. Synchrony Sheroes are driven, courageous, honorable, and serving others. This month, our Women’s Network+ asked employees to nominate a Synchrony woman who fits the description of a Synchrony Shero and inspires them through her actions, courage or achievements. These nomination stories were so uplifting, we decided to feature a few of our favorites in honor of Women’s History Month!



Kelli Herr

VP – Cobrand Operations, Kansas City

“Kelli has been an advocate for people who struggle to advocate for themselves since day 1 of working with Co-Brand. She’s consistent, she’s genuine, she’s selfless and she always keeps her word. It’s a great feeling to know as an entry-level associate that we have someone other than our direct manager advocating for us and supporting us when we need it the most. Where she sees opportunity for change, she makes it happen. And where she can’t make it happen, she fights for progress. Thank you for being you Kelli!”

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Lucy Fellows

Quality Manager, Phoenix

“Lucy IS kind-hearted, positive, engaging, supportive & selfless.”…”She ALWAYS has a SMILE on her face & I have NEVER seen her have a bad day (EVER). She has patience and she cares about others wellbeing. I can count on her to find time either on her calendar or just walking by.. to LISTEN and GUIDE. A Hero doesn’t have to wear a cape… but I think Lucy does, it’s just invisible to others. The cape she wears is on the inside & it shows in what she does and how she does it.”…”I admire her & her noble qualities.”

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Nancy Gann

VP – Operations Surveillance, Kansas City

“Nancy has a following of past employees that she has managed in years past, who continue to this day to endeavor to spend time with her, solicit career advice from her, and share personal triumphs and tragedies with. Obviously, she has had a positive influence on their lives, when they worked for her years ago, and they still consider her a close friend, professional leader, and someone who would help them further their career in any way they ask. We have many competent leaders in our company, but not many who have found a way to develop close personal bonding with their direct reports while maintaining a high level of professionalism, and also driving process improvements and exceptional performance within their department and team. Nancy is unique in this, being able to merge together so well the characteristics of being a pillar of strength and integrity, friendship and professionalism. Leaders like this make employees feel valued and respected, encouraged to perform at their highest level, and inspired to strive for higher positions with greater responsibilities within the company.”

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Raemi Gross

VP – Finance Manager, San Francisco 

“Raemi has been a phenomenal leader and inspiration to those around her. She recently took on a new role on the Gap finance team and she has been such a quick learner that she has become the go-to-expert in her domain within the first few months. Working with her has truly is a breath of fresh air. She is wicked smart, kind and caring. Even though she has a tremendous workload she is always willing to offer a helping hand (despite having no time). I don’t know how she does it. Raemi is quick to offer words of praise and her positive attitude and cool-headedness are really something to aspire to. I’m so grateful to work with someone like her and can’t wait to see what great things she does in the future.”

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Sara Moosa 

Assistant VP – Quality, Hyderabad

“Sara is an amazing leader. She is very approachable and helpful. She is the perfect example of a leader who displays all the SYnchrony Values specially Caring and Passion. Love her energy and commitment towards everything she does and that’s what makes her the SHERO for me.”

“Sara is a woman of strength and has all the Synchrony values embedded in her. She has been leading the Women’s network in our site and has set remarkable benchmarks for many of us follow. She has proved herself time and again as an extremely caring and passionate leader.”

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Tara Ditommaso 

Customer Service Representative, Phoenix

“Tara has an amazing enthusiasm about her. No matter the project, she is the first to raise her hand. She is the most grateful person for how Synchrony has provided her with the opportunity to work again and still be able to take care of her family. She freely shares through the PDN network, her story, her struggles, and accomplishments for others that may be going through something similar. Tara comes on site and helps with desk drops. She proactively reaches out to her peers to see how they are doing. She holds her self to a higher level to help if there is anyone else struggling on the team. Tara volunteers in her community in many ways. All these things she does and so much more, all with a smile and encouraging words to help bring others alongside her, to celebrate life. Tara truly is a Shero above all heroes.”

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Raquel Vowles

Assitant VP – Enterprise Operations, Hyderabad

“Raquel is a person who is full of life, spreads a smile across and encourages others to be better, she is also a mentor who gives her best and works with passion. I admire her for her passion and dedication that she displays, she brings out the best in people. She is great at motivating others with their individual careers. She is a Courageous Shero who doesn’t stop at pushing people for their career growth but also ensures that people around her keep performing so that they are considered for opportunities for additional growth.”

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We’re proud of our Synchrony Sheroes and thankful for the many amazing nominations received from our teams! Do you have a Shero you’d like to recognize this month? Use #SynchronySheroes on Twitter to share your story.