Regulatory & Compliance

Being responsible is part of our DNA.

Our Regulatory & Compliance team focuses on trust—the trust of our clients and our customers. In this regulated industry, there are important demands placed on our business to adhere to certain laws. It’s up to us to establish policies and procedures, and to make sure we continually enforce, maintain and reassess them. Compliance is in our DNA. It’s what makes us strong, successful and able to deliver on our promises.

AVP, Compliance Data Specialist

Multiple Locations

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Our team includes the following core areas:


Commercial Compliance

Enterprise Compliance

Fair Lending




Supplier Management

How we fulfill ambitions

One thing that makes our Regulatory & Compliance function unique is that we’re made up of three distinct teams: Model Development, Supervisory Affairs and Surveillance & Process Governance. Each area provides unique experiences, and all three have to work collaboratively and cross-functionally with almost every part of the business. So when you join us, you’ll get a broad overview of our business as well as the opportunity to do a deep dive in specific areas. This is an excellent place to learn and gain expertise in an important area.

Who we hire

We typically look for:

Experience with cross functional collaboration

Ability to interact and communicate with senior leadership

Strong leadership skills

Strong analytical, problem solving and resolution skills

Effective communication skills

Strong project management and execution skills

Ability to be flexible and adapt to different work environments

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