Corporate Strategy

Developing and delivering the best experience for customers.

Our Corporate Strategy organization provides the forward thinking to help steer Synchrony to a successful future. It gives us the vision that will define our long-term goals, while focusing us on the cutting-edge technology and tools we need to get there. It requires understanding industry trends, honest self-awareness about who we are and how we must evolve, and the courage and agility to make it all happen.

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Specifically, Corporate Strategy focuses on:

Corporate strategy/strategy management

Network relationship management

New relationship development

Product incubation

Strategic partnerships and acquisitions

How we fulfill ambitions

Corporate Strategy is a launch pad for wherever you want to go next. We look for people with multiple skills and interests, and encourage them to work on new projects across all platforms while interacting with our executive leadership team. We offer a supportive, highly visible collaborative function that helps position you to check another goal off your list.

Who we hire

Our team is made up of professionals with experience on major credit cards and in the retail space. They’re looking for new challenges, new career opportunities and the chance to make a positive impact. We hire innovators and leaders in payment technology who know the market, excel in building relationships and are ambitious about growing our company.

Ideally, you’ll have:

Leadership skills

The ability to adapt


An appetite for hard work

Employee Stories

We specialize in fulfillment.

A corner office. Her daughter’s graduation. Sunset on the Riviera.
Every employee is unique. Every ambition is special.
And every reason for joining our team is individual.

I’m working forward to…

Pioneering the future of financing.

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