“Pioneer” means being the first to explore. Pioneer Your Career™ means exploring your own frontier—how far will you lead yourself, your career, and your teammates? In this ongoing series, we’re proudly sharing the pioneering stories of our Synchrony people.


Kim C., Manager, Collections Portfolio Control
Kim will tell you that she is often nervous when embarking on a new experience, but she’s a firm believer that change can create opportunity. Embracing what’s next is exactly how Kim has been the captain of her own voyage at Synchrony since 1997.

Kim set out as a Collections Representative and then flexed to new roles and a new location. With each opportunity she navigated new challenges and collected new skills—all the while deepening her understanding of the customer experience so she could guide and improve customer satisfaction. She’s also helped us make Synchrony a great place to work for everyone when she was an Empowerment Ambassador.

Today, we’re proud that Kim is captaining us into the future as a Collections Front Line Manager. Kim is always listening to the crew in her office, making their voices heard and bringing their ideas to life.

Kim: “My strongest desire is to excel at whatever role I am in while helping to drive change and success.”


Mac T., Manager, Customer Experience

For Mac the only way to go is to go boldly. From his first role at Synchrony as a Customer Service Representative, Mac was taking on major portfolios and stepping up as a Universal Coach across teams in the Manila site. Ready to explore new frontiers, he completed our Skills Training for Evolving Professionals (STEP) Program. Mac then dived into roles in Fraud and crossed a completely new horizon where he collected critical experiences and skills while working as a Call Monitoring Specialist.

Mac’s adventurous approach to his career steered him to his latest role as a Customer Experience Manager in Fraud. He also sees how by pioneering his career, he’s paved the way for future opportunities for himself and others— on top of his daily duties, he has also been a leader for STEP, a hiring manager and a member of the Front Line Managers Advisory Council. Explore on, Mac!

Mac: “There is no shortcut to career growth.”