“Pioneer” means being the first to explore. Pioneer Your Career™ means exploring your own frontier—how far will you lead yourself, your career, and your teammates? In this ongoing series, we’re proudly sharing the pioneering stories of our Synchrony people.


Arthur M., Manager, Recovery Sales

Arthur used to cross horizons in the U.S. Army and as a military contractor. At Synchrony, he’s crossed boundaries into multiple different business areas—seeking out new roles, new skills and new perspectives. Since 2011, Arthur has expanded his knowledge through opportunities touching customer service, bankruptcy, process controls, recovery, mitigating risk, asset sales and surveillance. From how our customers see us through our processes, to how we quality control the data related to those processes, Arthur has built his own unique outside-the-box thinking that he brings to every project.

As a Manager today in Recovery Debt Sales, Arthur’s visibility with our senior leaders is skyrocketing—giving him the opportunity to spotlight the important work his team is doing and participate in monthly Business Process Review pitchouts. We see you Arthur!

Arthur: “You should not only know what success means to you but also what it takes to reach the level of success you seek.”


Hollie C., Client Services Manager

The best pioneers recognize an opportunity—even if it didn’t look like one at first. Hollie first joined Synchrony as a Customer Service Representative to support her financial needs at the time, thinking it would only be short-term. But she changed her perspective, realizing Synchrony is a great, long-term career opportunity where she is supported by teammates and managers.

Hollie took advantage of the opportunity to grow at Synchrony and raised her own bar. She enrolled in a local university to get her Bachelor’s degree. At the same time explored two opportunities within Synchrony to gather critical skills for her future—taking on increased responsibilities, learning about the client side of the business, understanding the customer and merchant lifecycle and discovering a passion for helping others.

We’re excited that Hollie embarked on her journey and stayed the course with Synchrony as she achieves her career ambition of becoming a leader. Hollie recently graduated from our Skills Training for Evolving Professional (STEP) Program and took the next leap, becoming a Client Services Manager. Congrats Hollie!

Hollie: “I am working forward to cultivating a culture of caring…with every associate with whom I speak, every team of which I am a member, and every department in which I have an opportunity to work alongside.”