Francisco Berrios

AVP Bilingual Client Operations Manager

Altamonte Springs, FL

Tell us about your career journey within Synchrony

I started with Synchrony as a call center associate in 2012.  In 2014, I participated in the STEP program and was selected to visit Stamford.  Through this program, I met several great leaders, but one that stood out to me was our EVP and Human Resource Leader at the time. He said, “being mobile can open up a whole new world to you.”


Being born and raised in Puerto Rico, this advice helped me realize that if I wanted to continue to invest in myself and my career, I had to think outside of my current location, San Juan.  When I returned from Stamford, I had a great conversation with my site leader about my career. He told me I was great with people and would make a great leader in Operations.  The thought of leading people had never crossed my mind; but sometimes it takes a great leader to point things out that you may not see in yourself.


I soon started looking for my next role and interviewed for a role in Merriam. It was one of the toughest interviews I had to date. I learned substance is so important and my answers couldn’t include fluff. Through this interview, I was able to shine and give examples that illustrated my skills to be an effective leader.  Looking back, that experience helps me teach associates during mock interviews or when they are interviewing for the STEP program. Although I didn’t get the role, I made a great impression and was later offered another opportunity in Charlotte in 2015.  I had to shake up my world and sell everything and move my family.  Everything happened so fast.


Working out of Charlotte was a great experience as a Customer Service Manager.   I became a SME for Operations and managed our 3rd party relationships. It was an enriching experience. In 2017, a new opportunity was presented for a role in Altamonte Springs, and it seemed like a great opportunity that would give me critical experiences pertinent to more senior levels.  I got the job in August 2017 and doubled the size of the team I was managing.


It’s been a terrific journey and I feel I’m not done yet. I am focused on my role and the things I want to accomplish in Altamonte.  Location doesn’t matter to me as much.   It’s important to me to make a positive impact on the company and the work that I do.


If I should relocate again, I know here at Synchrony we do a great job of taking care of each other during these types of transitions. I couldn’t have done this without the support of the people that I worked with, my family and friends.


It’s been a great journey and it’s not over yet!



Advice I would give to others considering a leadership role:  You can’t do it alone! It takes a village, it takes a team.  In that team, you are going to have diverse backgrounds and I learned early on you always have to adapt to the person and focus on what they need.  I try to be a clear leader that cascades our goals to make sure everyone understands them. When people have a clear understanding of what they have to do and why, then they can focus on their job.