So, you’re interested in Kettering? You should be! Let’s play “did you know”  

Did you know? 

The Synchrony buildings in Kettering are laid out like airplane hangars as a tribute to the history of aviation in Ohio. (Looking at you Wright brothers! Salute to the local Air Force!)  The mile-long walking path and multiple upgrades to the space are other reasons that our people like the place that they work, but they love their work family.  

In Kettering, they’re excited that there’s always a “day one” just around the corner. If you’re starting tomorrow, be ready for a warm welcome from everyone, whether they’ve been here just a few weeks or 30+ years. Surprise! They take pride in their fun atmosphere and close camaraderie, and they take care of each other through all kinds of health and well-being initiatives (walk, don’t run, over to the fitness facility and cafeteria). They also want you to know they are very serious about their food celebrations.  


Did you know? 

Kettering is Synchrony’s largest site in the United States. People here feel like they don’t miss a beat because all of Synchrony’s business functions and all seven of our Diversity Networks+ have a presence on the ground in Kettering. Leadership is engaged, seeking out feedback and finding opportunities for pilot programs here. From the Innovation Station to the Empowerment Station, whatever beat you walk to, you’ll find it here. 

So, naturally, everyone in Kettering believes in inclusivity for the win. By focusing on what each person brings to the table, our people support each other’s unique career goals. It’s a big site, which means lots of opportunities for growth, mentoring and leadership exposure. Everyone here wants you to lean on them to help you find and make the most of the opportunities that are right for you.   


Did you know?  

Loads. Tons. Heaps. Hordes. Oodles. Let’s get the myth out of the way…there’s actually lots to do and lots to love in the Kettering and greater Dayton area. Stretch your arms and legs as you boat, kayak, walk, and bike through the great park system. Hit the Fraze Pavilion for that priceless feeling of listening to great music outdoors. And meet up with everyone at a Dayton Dragons Minor League Baseball game or FC Cincinnati soccer game. People here love that the affordable cost of living and family-friendly atmosphere make so much fun accessible to all! 

Being a large employer in the area also gives the team a chance they can’t pass up—making an impact in improving the community. Through their personal volunteer work, through Synchrony’s Diversity Networks+ and as an entire organization, our people are seen and felt year-round. You’ll find them building strong relationships with not-for-profit organizations, sponsoring charitable events and making their community a great place to live for everyone. 

Did you know there was so much to know about Kettering? Well, now you do—it’s a great place to be. 

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