Erin Brown

Customer Service Representative

Kettering, OH

How Erin Pioneered Her Career from EO to HR

Erin joined Synchrony after attending college. She was originally planning to go to law school but as she began to pioneer her career with Synchrony, her path led her instead to Enterprise Operations and then on to Human Resources. Her cross-functional journey began when she accepted a Customer Service Representative role in our Kettering office.

From the start, Erin learned a lot about Synchrony and how we help our colleagues, retail partners, cardholders, shareholders and communities achieve their unique ambitions. She developed her skills, expanded her knowledge base and intensified her customer focus in a supportive environment that was like family to her. “The culture at Synchrony is amazing! I love the people, benefits and development opportunities,” said Erin.

Erin later became a New Employee Onboarding (NEO) Coordinator where she shared best practices with new hires and her own experiences assisting our customers. Erin also proactively sought out feedback and input from others on how we could improve our onboarding process and continue to make Synchrony a Great Place to Work.“I’m proud to have been able to help so many new hires at this point in their career journeys.”

The Skills Training for Evolving Professionals (STEP) program is designed to develop and grow key talent and Erin heard that they were accepting applications for the 2017 session. She was determined to be bold and apply … and she got in! This experience helped her build core competencies, develop her talents and increase her exposure to leadership. When she was informed that she would be doing a rotation in Staffing, she was nervous because this was out of her comfort zone but then realized that stepping out of that zone was exactly what would help her grow. It was this opportunity that further fueled her passion for coaching, mentoring and helping people succeed in their careers.

She went on to attend the STEP Level 4 Conference at Synchrony headquarters in Stamford, CT and gave the keynote address at a meeting with senior leadership. “It was an honor to be a part of such a progressive program that not only promoted my professional development, but my personal growth as well.”

A manager position in Human Resources became available in Chicago, IL, and due to her STEP experience, Erin was a good candidate for the role. Erin embraced the opportunity to gain more cross-functional experience and continue working to help our colleagues. “The best advice I can give to others who are applying for a new role is to always allow yourself the opportunity to learn. Each new opportunity is a chance to grow and there is always more to learn.”

Erin has moved to the Windy City for this next step in her career and started her new role. What does she have to say about her journey so far? “I am so glad I didn’t let fear of the unknown stop me!”