Erica Clark

Fraud Investigation Resource Expert

Kettering, OH

We’re the total package.

When people are considering a job, they usually just look at the hourly rate—which is pretty high here. But it gets even better when you take into account our tuition reimbursement, the different diversity groups that can help with both personal and professional development, and our awesome benefits—dental, medical, vision.

I’m a survivor.

When I first joined Synchrony as a customer service representative, there was an opening to help train people. I’m a little shy about talking in front of a large group, but I was encouraged to apply. And that’s what launched my calling as an advocate for breast cancer screenings. I’m a breast cancer survivor myself—11 years now. If it weren’t for Synchrony, I wouldn’t have jumped out there in front of people. I wouldn’t be pursuing my ambition of getting out in the community to teach how to give self exams, I wouldn’t be doing motivational speaking and working forward to employee wellness for all of us.

Friends feel like family.

I was here for only 60 days before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The company took care of me. My benefits kicked in on Day One. I got cards, calls, colleagues offering to help—I felt the support from my managers and my peers and I barely even knew them. Now they’re my second family. This has been an emotional journey for me. But Synchrony has been there for me every step of the way.