Elaine Thomley

Head of Audit Corporate Team

Stamford, CT

It’s not every day you get to help Audit to audit better.

If you’re into Internal Audit, you know what I mean. Synchrony does too—I chose them because they gave me the chance to help build out the Internal Audit Department. Plus, the leaders here motivate and get the best out of people. Not that getting the best is hard when your colleagues are so talented and passionate about what they’re doing.

I’m moving up and over.

My career at Synchrony has progressed both vertically and horizontally. I was recently promoted from Senior Manager to the Head of Audit Corporate team. I’ve also been exposed to other areas within the company, which has helped expand my network and critical experiences. I’m the Chief Talent Scout for St. John’s University, where I help recruit college students for our Business Leadership Program. I’m also the Stamford Women’s Network Communications Pillar Leader. Being a part of these two initiatives has helped me get to know more people at Synchrony, and has sharpened skills like influencing, project managing and communicating.

Scaling walls is nothing to me.

I took part in the Synchrony Leadership Development Experience training program, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop new skills. It also made me face my fear of heights by challenging me to climb a 20-foot wall at West Point. (It’s not a typical training program!)

I work because I want to play.

I love what I do, but I also love my family. I work to give my son a good life. I work so if my parents ever need me, I’ll be able to help them like they helped me. And I work because I want to enjoy traveling with my husband.