Christopher Brown

Email Marketing Manager

Alpharetta, GA

Synchrony invests in me.

I came here because I want to pour everything I have into my career. I want to grow, step outside my comfort zone and become a leader in the corporate sector. I want to be part of a company that recognizes my passion and takes a chance on me.

We succeed or fail together.

Our culture at Synchrony is relatively flat, so no one is obsessed with promotions and no one is too senior for a task. That means career progression is measured by what you’ve learned, not by your latest title change. I’ve learned how to solve a problem with multiple solutions, how to confidently speak to data and analytics, how to gauge whether a marketing campaign is successful and how to think like a marketer. Most importantly, I’ve learned that my success is rooted in the success of my team.

People here want to win. But they want to help each other win too.

Drive and compassion have equal weight at Synchrony. My colleagues want to succeed, but in a way that helps everyone succeed. Success is a team effort here, and being a lone wolf isn’t the way to share it.

I want a vocation, not just a paycheck.

My ambition is to look back in 40 years and know that I took advantage of every professional opportunity I had. I want to know that I was willing to engage and invest every thing I’ve got.