Brittany Ball

Portfolio Control Manager

Kettering, OH

From restaurant manager to portfolio manager.

I came to Synchrony because I wanted more growth opportunity. I had been working in restaurants and I wanted to expand those skills while trying something new. I’d heard good things about Synchrony: fast growth, opportunity, good benefits.

My focus is on what’s next.

My job is about helping our associates. I make sure they know what their options are, what their next steps could be, and what opportunities are out there. I participated in a program here called Roadmap to Growth where you’re paired up with a mentor who helps you build your career. That helped me make my move into my current role. Being a Portfolio Control Manager has opened many opportunities and with the support from my peers and boss, it has pushed me to go to school so I can continue to grow my career with Synchrony.

School’s not as scary when you have support.

Going back to college is a big step for me. I didn’t finish high school. But being here makes it less intimidating because I know Synchrony will support me both financially and emotionally.