Brian Hoover

VP of Partner Experience

Kettering, OH

What do veterinary medicine and finance have in common?

I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid. But I didn’t want to deliver farm animals in the middle of the night. I’m glad I landed in financial services—ultimately, both professions are about helping. What drives me is the chance to connect with people and figure out what they’re trying to do in life, the purpose they’re trying to achieve. I want to help people reach their goals and make the most of their potential.

Investing in innovation.

There’s a culture of innovation that’s really on the rise here. I look at how Synchrony is focused on technology and implementing innovation stations at different sites across the country and it shows me that the company is invested in innovation; that’s the culture they want to have and they’re making it grow.

Check, check, check.

One of my goals is to work somewhere I actually enjoy. There’s a good cultural fit for me here—I want to come in and I like what I’m doing. I know I’m going to work hard with people who are good at what they do and we’ll have fun doing it. Another goal is to make an impact on the lives of our clients, their customers and our business growth. And thirdly, I want to know I can grow different parts of myself: become a better leader, communicator, innovator and strategist.

Step up and stand out.

There’s a huge focus on career and personal development at Synchrony. I’ve made the most of on-site learning, courses at local universities, lunch-and-learns, online courses and participating in a council or on a committee. I’ve had some really great opportunities to lead and create efforts and initiatives. All those opportunities are right here.