Bill Buford

GO Team Strategy Sales Leader

Alpharetta, GA

Choosing Synchrony was a no-brainer.

I came here because I was impressed with the culture. The culture here is unlike any other I’ve experienced in my career. It’s inclusive, transparent and allows people to learn at their own speed. The culture inspires everyone to succeed.


Diversity is important at Synchrony, and provides exposure to different cultures while creating camaraderie. There’s job diversity too, with opportunities to experience various job functions and disciplines, and to view our business through the eyes of different leaders. I love that fact that when you’re with these smart people, there’s an opportunity to learn from everyone in the room.

Why I work.

I work to support my family, to enjoy life and spend time together. But I also work to see others grow and develop in their careers. I see myself as part of the culture at Synchrony, and I take personal responsibility for sharing my knowledge the way others have done for me.